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Blue Smarty Creative Consultants is an independent, idea generating, content creating and problem solving multimedia creative studio! Small but extremely versatile and flexible, Blue Smarty offers it all, from Design to Art Direction, Digital Media to Print Media and everything above, bellow and in between the line. Ideas, GREAT BIG ONES are what drive the creative force of the Blue Smarty team. Art Directors by trade, Blue Smarty's founding members live and die by big ideas, inspiring design and effective communication. We're not here to win awards for ourselves (even though it's fun when we do!!!) we are here to increase your Bottom Line! And we're quick, so quick, so very, very quick. No waiting for days on end for your brief to pass down the tangled web of big agency politics and structure... you have a direct line to the heart of the beast! And the best part is that you can afford us! We work hard at keeping our overheads down so that we can afford to give you "big agency" quality work at "little agency" prices! How Fab is that! We have a light hearted and happy corporate culture which we feel cultivates creativity and free thinking best!

Blue Smarty works across all creative disciplines and partners when necessary to find solutions to all its clients' needs. Our creative studio does not compete with other agencies, but rather works with them and facilitates them with our unique creative skill and conceptual abilities. Other Advertising, PR and Events Agencies are as much a client to Blue Smarty as any other company or brand. Compact and versatile, Blue Smarty acts as a "creative plug-in" that can be slotted into any agency or company to facilitate and provide creative consultancy and support whenever and wherever needed.